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The U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index

Pulling in 184 sets of data to rank more than 70,000 U.S. Census tracts, the U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index helps you see which communities face the greatest challenges from the impacts of a changing climate. This tool shows what is driving the challenges, so policymakers and communities themselves can take action to build climate resilience where it is needed most.

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View these videos, transcripts, story maps, case studies, and interactive activities to understand how to collect, make sense of, and use data from the U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index.

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Read the latest news and stay informed about developments and insights related to the U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index.

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Meet the organizations and individuals that played a pivotal role in developing this powerful mapping tool.

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Explore a comprehensive collection of potential government funding opportunities for communities.

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From indicator selection to data integration, gain insights into how the U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index was developed.

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